Christmas Programs

...Syndicated Radio

Since 1977 Drew Productions has established an enviable reputation as Canada's leading producer of quality Network Radio Programs for syndication to commercial radio stations.

It's safe to say that over 75% of all commercial radio stations in Canada have carried some or all of our programs.

Drew Productions only produce programs for major National corporations. These have included...McDonald's, Labatt's, General Motors, Eaton's, 3M, Petro-Canada, Royal Bank, BMG, Glentel, ExpressVu, and Bank of Montreal. Some of the over 4000 network radio programs Drew Productions has produced and syndicated have included these feature programs:

3 Minute Programs: 2800 episodes "The Canadian Achievers"
520 episodes "Expo 86 Reports:
600 episodes "General Motors Road to the '88 Olympics" (English and French)
520 episodes "McDonald's Entertainment Flashback"
410 episodes "Les Succes Canadiens" (French)
260 episodes "Frank Ogden...Dr. Tomorrow - Today"
1 Hour Programs "It's Christmas Time...In Canada"
"Noel Chez Tex LeCour" (French)
3 Hour Programs "Elvis...Live & In Concert" Now being syndicated Worldwide
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"Elvis...Open Line"...  "The Beatles, 30 Fabulous Years"...  "The Roy Orbison Tribute"...  "The Legends of Rock 'N Roll".
Associate Producer 1300 episodes of "Royal Bank presents David Suzuki's Discovery"
(5 Years)
156 episodes of "Labatt's Celebrity Sports Report" weekly 1/2 hour show
(3 years).